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SM will often times not pick anyone over 17 though. Do they pay for flight tickets while the process of auditioning?

Do boys and girls practice together or separately? No, they practice together. Is it an advantage to know more then one language? Is it good to know how to play in instrument? You might get cut from SM but they might introduce you to a different company. Are you allowed to visit your family while being a trainee? Yes, you get to visit them once a year. If you had a bad pass will it effect them from picking you? Does SM do street casting? Yes, they do but hardly.

Has anyone in SM been chosen from online or everysing auditions? How can you apply for work in SME? What are the rules in SM for a trainee? No smoking, drinking… things like that. Does SM let trainees date each other?

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How many trainees are there in SM? Do trainees still go school?

Should we wear make-up or not when we audition? If I was auditioning for something other then dancing do I still have to freestyle? Is there a chance that non-Asians to get in? Part Asians have a chance though. Do SM trainees go to SM academy to train? No, they train somewhere else. How do you know so much about SM? Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese.

What type of Asians do SM want? How long does it take for SM to reply to you? It really depends either days or months. It means that someone is good looking even without make-up on. How should I style my hair? Keep it neat and out of your eyes. Can we just sing a chores for an audition?

How can I join SM Academy? Go to Korea and enroll. Does SM treat everyone the same? What type of songs should I sing?

Anything that fits your voice and songs you like to sing. What can I do to lose weight? For the Girl Groups, the choreographies aren't especially easy either. I know they aren't bad at dancing, and they have stars like Hyoyeon and Kai to back up this claim. A lot of people say SM is only good because they push their trainees a lot. This claim is definitely false. You may say that this is contrary to my other claim that they work hard and get better at singing, but I don't believe SM makes them train more than the other companies, I think if they do that, SM Trainees would definitely become physically exhausted past the limit.

I remember in interviews, a lot of SM Artists say that they do not get pushed a lot by the company to practice, however, they practice by themselves quite often, even without the company telling them to. They said that the atmosphere when they were trainees were very scary, and if you did not train a lot you would not be able to survive in such a tough place, so they were motivated to practice without anyone yelling at them to.

SM Entertainment having a good public image? But it is true that their idols, at first, have a very clean image, and have far less scandals than other groups. I'm saying at first because by the time that groups hit their tenth year or so, the company has less control over them, evidently seen with Super Junior and a lot of their scandals. For example, have you seen any of the Girl's Generation members having sex scandals often?

Former SM Entertainment Trainee Reveals What Trainee Life Is Really Like

Big Bang has tons of sex scandals, drinking scandals, drug scandals, even a murder accident. They also got those scandals quite a few years ago. I know Super Junior and Girl's Generation have come clean with a lot of dating scandals, however, SM Entertainment was smart when doing this because they have a business mind. This is also because the older groups have a more individual image, and one member's scandal doesn't hurt the group image. Minho is also taking a new acting road.

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A few dating scandals doesn't mean anything to them, because the fans are mostly loyal, as they have been through a lot member shifts, time, military. Taeyeon and Baekhyun's scandal hit SM pretty hard, I must admit. It hit Baekhyun harder, because Taeyeon's fans are more loyal because of time, don't try to argue with me, I'm talking about to majority of the fans. Also I can use this in another way, this is another topic altogether but it kind of ties to the fact that SM Entertainment has a cleaner image for idols.

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They are allowed to date more so than other companies, because they have no dating ban. They have strict rules, such as not being seen in public, but they are still allowed to date.

I know almost no other Entertainment Companies that allow their idols to do that. Especially since SM Entertainment have popular idols. I know someone's going to end up saying that this means they do not have a clean image, but it's completely different. So, this ties in to my argument because people say that SM Entertainment are very strict with their idols, but you can see that they hold looser reins than you think, and that most companies are actually stricter than SM Entertainment.

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I don't think SM Entertainment is the only one who screws up their idols. I think SM Entertainment is better because their idols are brave enough to speak out about it. The other idols get pressured by their companies not to say it. I'm going to defend SM Entertainment on some points. This is SM's fault somewhat, they should not have slave contracts. However, do not blame them that much.

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  6. This is business move, and legally, SM Entertainment did nothing wrong. However, this is not only SM's fault.