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Keppel Bay provides one of the most picturesque view where numerous yachts can be seen docked at the bay just beside Labrador park.

Your ultimate guide of 75 fun and amazing things you can do in Singapore

Drive there and get the best view without the tiresome long walks from the MRT. Enjoy romantic walks along the jetties and enjoy the tranquil environment. It may be a little hard to get there since the nearest MRT is quite a walk away. However, this also means that fewer people will be there, which makes your date a little more romantic. What is more romantic than enjoying yourself under a blanket of stars?

Find out more here! The Study at Keong Saik Road is definitely a must-go eating place. You will experience the unique password cracking in order to gain access to the restaurant. You will get even more surprised by the amazing food snacks by Jason Atherton. A place where you can bond and taste great food at the same time!

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Drive to the Keong Saik Road and park on the off-street car park nearby. Head to Portsdown Road for more amazing restaurants from Chuck Wagon to Pirtrasanta Ristorante which are all located nearby. These amazing car friendly restaurants will make your Saturday nights together the best ever. Good food, good company, good view. What more can one expect? You can also go for a walk on the many trails and immerse yourself in the flora and fauna. Thinking about the perfect island stay. Click here to book your spot and for more information. Have a romantic island staycation, just 7km off Singapore island!

Drive to Marina South Pier, or to Sentosa and let your inner romantic self out. Go for a walk or run along the now defunct railway for KTM trains.

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Let you and your other half be emersed in the vast natural and man made wonders. To go to the railway track, you can start nearly anywhere along the railway. If you are starting from the Tanjong Pagar Railway station, park your car at the nearby multi-storey car park or at the Silat estate. If you are going on a public holiday, the railway station itself is open for you! From Woodlands, you can park at the Causeway area and head east to find the track.


Get your fitness up by jogging with your other half and experience the truly magnificent view from the Tree Top Walk. Another day for another island exploration! Hope to Coney Island which is just a distance away from the Punggol waterway. Have an amazing day out with your special one at this Singapore south eastern area. Drive to Pasir Ris Industrial park to park your car and walk around 10 minutes to the east entrance, read Sengkangbabies. Jump around with your beloved other half and unleash your inner child! Caring for each other while playing is indeed a sweet gesture.

Show your best care while having fun! There are a number of trampoline parks located all over Singapore. Go for an arty day and appreciate the world of art at the Gillman Barracks, 9 Lock Rd, Singapore , which is located close to Labrador Park. Immerse yourself in the contemporary arts of Singapore. Singing together at K-Box might not be enough for you two.

We might not have the oldest of cultures, but our food culture is absolutely power, lah.

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  4. 1) Craft beer!

Care to dine in a vintage wonderland or Chinese cartel-inspired den? A seafood classic and signature Singaporean dish, this delicacy can be found at these chilli crab restaurants in Singapore. One tenet unique to Singaporean heritage is the Peranakan culture — a mix of Chinese and Malay influences — which you can discover through its colourful, spice-laden, gravy-favouring cuisine.

Check out these Peranakan restaurants in Singapore , and make sure you order the buah keluak, babi pongtay, and chap chye. Foodies here might tell you that Malaysian street food is just as delicious, if not more decadent, than our local hawker dishes. Singapore has many national drinks, but not many that people would queue hours for. While originating from Taiwan, bubble tea has found its zealous fanbase here in Singapore too, and you can become a convert yourself with LiHO and its cheese teas , or Gong Cha when it makes its much-anticipated return.

Some of these are sports bars as well, where you can yell at the screen with your fellow supporters. Stay away from the usual suspects, and stealthily skedaddle your way to these hidden bars and speakeasies in Singapore instead. Finding the entrance is just half the fun!

15 Top Ideas for Unique Dates in Singapore

Think Tiger is the only local beer we produce? Local breweries are popping up in the unlikeliest of places, but they sure are close to our hearts. Thirsty for crafty local lagers and stunning saisons. Brandished with a 2,sqft open kitchen, up to 75 participants can cook up a storm in one session — perfect for team bonding sessions. Or Robin Hood… whomever you prefer.

While there are countless ways to get fit in Singapore, few combine fitness and play as seamlessly as archery. Wanna get rid of your two left feet, or wish to impress on the dancefloor with more than just the Funky Chicken? Shimmy into these dance classes in Singapore for an energetic education; learn everything from ballet and jazz, to hip-hop and tap-dancing. Also, with Singaporean athletes like Angela Lee putting Singaporean MMA on the map, martial arts classes and Muay Thai classes have become more appealing in the past couple of years too. While music and visuals can eloquently tell stories, nothing gets the message across more articulately than words.

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Instead of buying a mass-produced souvenir in Singapore, why not make your own creation at these craft workshops in Singapore , offering pottery, printmaking, sewing, terrariums and more. One with a killer view, of course! Take your romance to new heights by having a meal amongst the stars. Do you know off-hand how many bones there are in the human body? Check out these fun escape rooms in Singapore. Expect a few eyebrows-raising moments on this fascinatingly grisly tour.

Start the day with brunch and a massage at Capella Singapore. Make friends with the aunties and uncles at the wet markets early in the morning as you do some fresh grocery shopping, and be sure to dig into authentic local fare from the coffeeshops. Discover hidden historical gems by visiting the ethnic enclaves around the island.

We say the tranquil beaches of Kusu Island are perfect for a picnic-day-out, or St. Head over to Haji Lane, Clarke Quay and more to find fascinating artistic doodles on walls and public spaces. Build up your cred as a connoisseur of fine art by trawling through these bastions of quirky art offerings.