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This is what LifeTime, a new transnational and interdisciplinary initiative of leading European researchers, aims to discover. Scientists from the DKFZ are also involved in the consortium. Life Time has now cleared an important hurdle: The consortium will be given one million euros and one year to develop a plan to embed its vision for a healthier future within the European research and innovation landscape. However, sometimes the outcome is a serious disease.

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There is no effective immunization protection against EBV so far, because the pathogen is very difficult to get hold of. Scientists from the German Cancer Research Center DKFZ in Heidelberg have now developed a new strategy for developing a vaccine against EBV that will simultaneously prepare the immune system for different stages of the pathogen. In this way, the researchers are convinced to have made major progress towards developing a vaccine against EBV.

Through a targeted combination of molecular and microscopy-based techniques, researchers aim to identify new treatment approaches for children with cancer. These induced stem cells are similar to those that occur during the early embryonic development of the central nervous system. They can be modified and multiplied indefinitely in the culture dish and can represent an important basis for the development of regenerative therapies.

Rodewald's work focuses on the question of how various types of immune cells develop from stem cells and together form a functioning immune system. An international team of cancer researchers from Germany and Denmark have used cancer patient data to develop a computer model that can predict the course of disease for prostate cancer. The model is currently being implemented at a prostate cancer clinic in Germany.